Transcript: Silent Victims Ad

Scene # Time Voice-Over Scene Source

Scene 1
0:01 Scarred dog rescued from Georgia dogfighting ring. “What did I do wrong?” YouTube @ 0:34

Scene 2
0:08 Injured, abused cat. “Why did they hurt me?”

Scene 3
0:14 Chained pitbull in yard. “Why did they abandon me?”

Scene 4
0:18 Abused cat, outdoors. “Will I die today?”

Scene 5
0:24 Every day, thousands of animals throughout America are neglected… Caged dog from WV puppy mill rescue. YouTube @ 1:31

Scene 6
0:28 …tortured, and often killed. Blinded cat.

Scene 7
0:32 They can’t speak up or fight back against animal abuse… Sick dogs from Wayne County, NC puppy mill rescue. YouTube @ 0:54

Scene 8
0:34 …but you can. Philippine food dog trade, muzzled dogs jammed into a rickety wood and wire crate. YouTube @ 1:05

Scene 9
0:37 For just $19 a month, you can join the Humane Society of the United States in our fight to eliminate animal abuse everywhere. Wendie Malick

Scene 10
0:44 The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s most effective animal protection organization… HSUS logo.

Scene 11
0:51 …rescuing tens of thousands of animals every year… Man rescuing dog from window; Hurricane Katrina rescue. YouTube @ 1:38

Scene 12
0:53 …and fighting against animal cruelty… Abused horse in corral.

Scene 13
0:55 …wherever it exists. ‘Downer’ cow being rammed with forklift.

Scene 14
0:57 But at this very moment… WV puppy mill rescue. YouTube @ 1:31

Scene 15
1:01 …animals are still suffering. Bedraggled puppy mill dog from NC rescue. YouTube @ 1:55

Scene 16
1:06 Cat with encrusted eyes; rescue from Idaho hoarder. YouTube

Scene 17
1:08 Emaciated dog, outdoors.

Scene 18
1:13 For $19 a month… Dog with broken chain in flooded area; Hurricane Gustav rescue. YouTube @ 0:55

Scene 19
1:15 …you can be the difference between life… Man (Scotlund Haisley?) inspecting dog. Emergency shelter?

Scene 20
1:17 …and death for these helpless animals. Vet holding injured cat.

Scene 21
1:19 No matter what you can afford… Woman kissing cat; disaster rescue. YouTube @ 1:03

Scene 22
1:21 …please call the number on your screen right now… Hand holding puppy, outdoors.

Scene 23
1:23 …or visit us online to fight animal cruelty… Rescuer holding two dogs. Puppy mill rescue on 2/6/2009. YouTube @ 1:39

Scene 24
1:26 …with your donation. Call in the next 20 minutes… Rescued kitten in Texas, Hurricane Ike rescue. YouTube @ 0:23

Scene 25
1:28 …to join our fight… Newborn puppies in a tray, from NC puppy mill raid. YouTube @ 0:57

Scene 26
1:30 …and we’ll also send you a free subscription to our award-winning magazine, All Animals. Magazine covers.

Scene 27
1:35 If these animals could talk… Collies in corral

Scene 28
1:38 …they would tell you that they desperately need you to save them, right now. Wendie Malick

Scene 29
1:42 Kitten, Idaho hoarder rescue. YouTube

Scene 30
1:45 Philippine food trade dogs jammed into rebar cage. YouTube @ 1:05

Scene 31
1:50 Playful cat in kennel; disaster rescue. YouTube @ 0:45

Scene 32
1:52 Neglected puppy mill dog in wood and wire enclosure. YouTube @ 1:45

Scene 33
1:55 Dogs clambering over each other behind chain-link fence.

Scene 34
1:58 Green-eyed cat. “Won’t you help me?”

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