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Unlike reputable nonprofits, Richard Berman does everything in his power to conceal the source of his income and the use that corporate donations are put to. As part of that obfuscation, he does not make tax returns available online.

(In contrast, the Humane Society of the US encourages transparency and accountability by making its tax returns and other financial reports available on its website, free of charge.)

Fortunately, tax documents pertaining to CCF are available from the IRS or from third party charity evaluators like Charity Navigator and GuideStar. We’ve assembled copies of the official filings here for your convenience.

Center for Consumer Freedom dba HumaneWatch

Humane Society for Shelter Pets

American Beverage Institute

Center for Union Facts

Employment Policies Institute
dba Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Enterprise Freedom Action Committee
formerly Employee Freedom Action Committee
dba Committee to Rethink Reform

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