Why is Humanewatch being a Grinch to animals?

It takes a special kind of Grinch to want to hurt animals at Christmas. Humanewatch is at it again: trying to confuse animals lovers into not donating to help save animals. Recently, the so-called non-profit “watchdog” has been running radio ads in metro areas, urging people not to donate to the grinchHumane Society of the United States (HSUS). Of course, they are misrepresenting the work that HSUS does and pretending that HSUS is supposed to be an animal shelter. Which, loyal reader, you already know is a… falsehood. In fact, 80% of HSUS’s budget goes to the animals through their rescue, protection, legislative, and community outreach programs. In 2015, alone, HSUS and their partners saved and helped 290,000 animals. And how many animals did Humanewatch help in 2015? None. Not a single animal. Not one penny of Humanewatch’s money helped or saved a single animal in 2015 (or any other year) – and not because they can’t afford it, either. The ads they’re running right now to try to defund HSUS’s humane work on behalf of all animals? Those ads would run about $500,000 (yes, half a million dollars) at regular ad rates. Think about that for a moment… half a million dollars. How many animals could be helped with half a million dollars? But instead of helping animals, Humanewatch is spending that $500,000 to try to stop animal advocates helping animals. Yet another example of how Humanewatch doesn’t care about animals.
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